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Welcome to Voclain – Where Streetwear Meets Luxury and Sustainability

Established in 2023, Voclain was born from a dream shared by its founders, Yassine Cheuko and Besmir Dauti. Bonded by their experiences growing up in modest circumstances, they shared a common aspiration: to embrace luxurious fashion without compromise. It was during their chance meeting at an MMA training camp that the idea for Voclain began to take shape.

Voclain Founders Besmir Dauti and Yassine Cheuko

Our Vision

At Voclain, we aim to revolutionize streetwear by combining Parisian sophistication with Miami's audacious nightlife, viewing fashion as a form of self-expression, art, and empowerment, all while offering high-quality streetwear for bold and creative self-expression.

Voclain Manufacture in Portugal

Craftsmanship and Quality

We take immense pride in our meticulous craftsmanship, using 100% organic cotton for stylish and sustainable garments expertly crafted in Northern Portugal, known for quality and ethical manufacturing.

Voclain School in Senegal Donation

Sustainability Matters

At Voclain, we're dedicated to environmental preservation with recyclable packaging and a deeper commitment to education, donating 1% of our proceeds to build schools in Senegal, empowering individuals for lasting positive change.

2 Models with Voclain Hoodies

Our Future

Our journey has just begun. We'll keep creating top-notch streetwear, exploring new city and culture fusions, like our debut collection, Paris X Miami. And our dedication to education remains strong, as we aim to open schools worldwide, fostering opportunities for learning, growth, and positive change.

Join Us

Voclain is more than a brand; it's a movement, embracing individuality and a sustainable future. Join us to redefine streetwear and drive positive change.

Thank you for choosing Voclain, where style, quality, and sustainability unite.